Vendari – Lost Lands of Mainera

Vendari takes place in the frozen lands of Mainera, where Tabinga, a young girl, got lost in a terrible snowstorm. The story is about Tabing finding her way back home to her family. The player’s goal is to help Tabinga advance on her way through a dangerous landscape. To achieve this goal the player has to discover secrets and hidden paths in the snowy environment of Mainera.

Title: Vendari – Lost Lands of Mainera
Developers: Denise Hohl and Eileen Rüegg
Music: Fabian Hunziker and Jonas Füllemann
Genre: Adventure
Playmode: Single player
Plattform: Windows
Engine: Unity
Current state: Early prototype
Playtime: 1h

Zürich, 12.6.2020


A wordless story gets told through a beautiful frozen environment in which a little girl tries to find her way back home.


Vendari is a bachelor project from Denise Hohl and Eileen Rüegg created in the game design studies (ZHdK).

In our thesis we explore an approach to create an intuitively accessible game which let’s players experience strong emotions through environmental storytelling realized by dynamically adapted levels and tracks in a snowy landscape.